Hi my name’s Jemma. 

I live in Hampshire, in the beautiful English countryside.

I love travelling, eating and writing. So my thoughts are, why not combine all my interests right here!

I wish to use this space to share with you my adventures, favourite eating spots and experiences. 

A little bit more about me? 

I was born in the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth. I studied Photography at The University of Brighton where I swapped one beautiful coastal view for another. I was lucky enough to get into an amazing year’s Internship at The Telegraph Magazine in London. I struggled with living in London so decided to move back towards Hampshire. Like many people, I tormented myself over the “am I committing career suicide?” question for a long time. 

However I am really pleased with my decision to move. I found an amazing career as a Recipe Developer at Bakedin. Which means I make a lot of cakes. I stumbled across this job at a time where my main hobby was creating content for my baking blog. I found a job that enabled me to turn this hobby into a full time job! 

Of course this is a huge blessing. But because baking and blogging used to be my hobby outside of work I found it difficult to continue working on these areas after concentrating on them so intensely in the 9-5. I have naturally found myself becoming all the more interested in travel. It is fair enough to say I have the travel bug and must always have a trip booked in the not so distant future to look forward too! What I love about travelling is the chance to escape the every day and discover new and interesting cultures. I found my travel buddy last year and can’t wait for all the exciting places we can tick off our bucket list.

I am also a massive foodie. I think you have to be working as a recipe developer, so that probably isn’t such a shock. But as well as cooking myself, I am obsessed with going out for meals. It’s the ultimate treat in my opinion and I love discovering new places. I like to think I know what I am talking about when it comes to great service and what makes a great restaurant after working in hospitality myself for over 10 years. 

Life is all about balance and I would like to take time to appreciate everything life has to offer. I am a big fan of yoga and meditation and this helps remind me that we are all human and connected in more ways that we could possibly imagine. And that to me is simply beautiful. 

If you have any questions about my blog, please get in touch!

I hope you enjoy reading and like what you see.

Thanks for stopping by!

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