Baking a Sticky Lime and Coconut Loaf Cake with Malibu Cream Topping

It has been one whole month of my loaf baking challenge! And what better way to celebrate with what can only be described as a Caribbean party in your mouth.

I am a big fan of Malibu. It was actually my first alcoholic drink. So when I read this recipe from Fiona Cairns stunning and inspirational book called ‘Seasonal Baking’, I could not wait to make it.

This week, I proved to myself I am dedicated to the baking challenge. I was leaving London for the weekend to visit my home town of The New Forest, but I couldn’t let this mean I would skip on a bake. I transported all of my equipment, baking ingredients and camera equipment back with me. Luckily, I do have a car, but this inevitably meant driving with my entire kitchen in the boot with me.

The time finally came to bake Lime and Coconut Loaf Cake with Malibu Cream Topping at the weekend. The sponge mixture incorporates lime zest, however the real lime kick gets added when creating the syrup. Whilst the cake is hot, you create a syrup out of lime juice and sugar, whisk it all up and drizzle over the cake once you have pricked holes over the sponge.The lime syrup smells so fresh and invigorating. I love cakes that allow for a syrup drizzle, as it makes them so wonderfully moist and succulent. Plus you get the added benefit of extra flavouring.

Once the cake had soaked up all the syrup in the tin, I went to transfer to a rack. Once completely cool along came the frosting. For this mixture I used Mascarpone cheese, Crème Fraîche, icing sugar and of course the best bit, a few tablespoons of Malibu. I really recommend adding the Malibu as it really add’s a unique and interesting dimension to the cake flavours. It of course compliments the lime and coconut really well, but it is also utterly delightful with the creaminess of the delicate Mascarpone.

Once the creamy topping was applied, I doused the top with the zest of two limes and some extra desiccated coconut. The more the better at this point. I then sliced up some very thin slices to place on top as an extra garnish.

The cake tasted wonderful, so I was really pleased. However one qualm I have is ,(and it is my own fault really), it could would have been appreciated slightly more during it’s correct season. Which is spring in Fiona’s lovely book. I can just imagine sitting on the patio whilst listening to the birds sing with a hot pot of tea and a slice of this cake. However we are now very much in the Autumn months over here in United Kingdom, so not much of this going on

Overall, the cake went down very well again. I tested it with my partner and his housemate, my housemates and my work friends. I found this cake a lot more difficult to pitch. A lot of people are convinced they do not like coconut and they are not a fan of lime. So luckily, my friends had a little faith to look past their previous notions and try a little piece. I was so complimented to find that those who disliked the ingredients involved, did not have a problem with this cake whatsoever. I believe the reason was, the cake has subtle flavours. It does not scream it’s ingredients from the pallet of your mouth, more whisper them gently on your tongue. Which for me worked out well.

Stay tuned for Raspberry, White Chocolate and Almond loaf coming up next week.

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